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Annual Geohazards Conference - June 17-19, 2015 - Dunaújváros, Hungary

Programme of the Fieldtrips

There are 20 to 60 m high bluffs beside the River Danube from south of Budapest down to Mohács city; these are in some places near the river or some kilometres farther. All elements of the Cruden – Varnes mass movements system are found in this zone. We will see two parts of this bluff zone during the trips.

Meeting point: June 17 Wednesday, 1.00 pm, Dunaújváros, Hotel Kerpely, Lecture room

Tamás Szél (Metaduo Ltd.) - Quiz about the protection system of Dunaújváros.

Dunaújváros is laying next the River Danube about 70 km south from Budapest. We will get a presentation about the hugest landslide in Hungary; what happened in last century between 1962 and 1964 and about the complex remediation and preventive system which is unique in Europe. This system protects the city and the steel factory against the landslides.

Stops on the fieldtrip:

We are inviting the participants for a quiz. We are giving a quiz before the lecture which you can fill and give back to us after the fieldtrip. We will give a gift for a lucky participant on the next day party.

Meeting point: June 19 Friday, 1.30 pm, Hotel Kerpely

The last two presentations on the conference are related to the fieldtrip to the landslides in Kulcs. This settlement is 60 km south from Budapest and 10 km from Dunaújváros. The length of the potential landslide area is 3.5 km and it is maximum 250 m wide between the River Danube and the bluff where there are approximately 1000 houses (holiday homes and residential buildings). At the moment 4 landslides are moving with different speeds, one of them is very slow (Vöröspart) the other is stabilised (we hope) (Deák F. street – Hullám street) and two are actively moving (Hajóállomás and Sőtér street). We will visit the last 3 sites.

Stops on the fieldtrip:

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